A Nightmare About A Band Aid

Another Life’s Lesson: Check foot after accidental bang on the door or you might stain the carpet…
WARNING: blood content

Lately, I’ve been having more of those “precognitive” dreams that don’t make sense until it comes true in real life. I’ve had plenty of those in a life time and I’m not going to get into details of my past dreams because they are so controversial that it’s unbelievable.. Plus maybe you’d think I was a little nuts.

This nightmare yesterday was about a Band Aid. In the dream, I accidentally injure myself and need a ginormous band aid across my chest. For some reason, in the dream, I am freaking out about it; I think part because I injured myself and part because of the fact that the huge bandaid across my chest was not attractive at all. 😛

Then when I woke up (in real life), I took a shower and then accidentally banged my foot REALLY hard on the door when I walked by. I still don’t know how that happened. Few minutes later my pinkie toe was still throbbing in pain so I subconsciously took a glimps at it, and saw that it was all bloody. Ew. I got a tissue but then noticed there was a tiny puddle of blood on the dark brown carpet, thinking it was stains from when I streaked my hair bright red. But when I touched it with the tissue, I realized it was fresh blood, thinking holy moly.. I need to clean this up and get a bandaid. It looked pretty unreal how much blood was coming out of this pinky toe and how vibrant in red it was.

I should have known to check, because back in high school, I banged my head on a corner of a locker in h.s. It wasn’t until someone gasped that I checked; I touched my head, blood came all over my hands, looked down, & blood poured all over me like maple syrup. When I ran, I left a bloody trail from the gymnasium all the way to nurse office… :X

I’ll explain, that it’s been awhile since I’ve really injured myself to a point where I needed a band aid. It was a very unusual thing for me to dream about a bandaid. To think about it, I can’t remember when the last time I’ve used one. When was the last time YOU needed a band aid? Band aids are something I’ve used more as a child, because I injured myself more than when I am an adult. My guess is that is the same for you (unless you do handywork or engage in sports such as rock climbing). The other thing that I normally use for small cuts is a liquid bandage called “New Skin.” You brush it on the cleaned wound like nail polish (it sort of smells like it too), it BURNS like no mercy and then it dries up protecting the wound, making a waterproof seal. After awhile, your skin eventually heals and exfoliates the “New Skin.”

Anyways, so that was my bizarre dream about a band aid. For more really bizarre dreams (such as Aliens and a strange Pale Man who was after my metal tinker box): http://www.bizarreXpressions.com/dreams

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