FarmVille Gift Cards. What?

So several weeks ago, I was in the store checking out gift cards, and unbelievably came across  FarmVille Gift cards.

First time I ever heard of FarmVille was on Facebook, on our fun-filled news feed.  When people play Facebook apps like FarmVille, it can auto post on their profile’s Wall.  Then Facebook friends can see such posts their home page news feed, (assuming you didn’t disable viewing updates or the apps they are using).

I’ve never got hooked on FarmVille, so I don’t comprehend the addiction at the moment, nor played FarmVille ever.. and I don’t think I want to.. I don’t want to get hooked trying to play either.   BUT, I might make an exception.  A few months ago, I thought building a different app.  I was curious what a good app was.. and by a good app, I mean, an desired app like FarmVille.  (Not that I want to build an addictive game like WoW).  So that gives a good “excuse” to installing FarmVille out of curiosity of what everyone’s craving and crazin’ is about.

It’s interesting how far technology and social media has influenced our lives, the way we communicate and even the way we shop.  Virtual gifts in non-virtual stores.

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