How Do You Recall Memory?

I’m not sure how memory it is for you and I’m curious to know (please do post a comment!). Whether it is an image or text, usually the only way I can remember things is by visualizing it, “seeing” it in my mind. I certainly don’t have photographic memory though, and it is difficult for me to memorize a large list of things. The only way I remember stories in a book without pictures, is if I use my imagination while reading it, visualizing what the setting and characters would look like. On top of that, I sometimes have to remember where I read the book, and the setting around me when I read. It sounds a little strange and different, but that’s how my memory works.

I remember a few years ago, I was sitting at my desk in my dorm, and my roommate sitting at hers; She studies A LOT (science/biology related), and I asked how she recalls data in her mind’s memory, and if she needed to remember by visualizing it. Her answer was “No” and I was really shocked because I really couldn’t comprehend how it is that she recalled that enormous amount of data and at the same time she thought it was strange that I needed to visualize data, in order to remember it.

I’ve also taken bio, chemistry and gen eds courses myself, that required a lot of memorization, but the only way I could remember the data is to visualize it, even if it’s words. I’d use flashcards, and I would need to remember what the words look like, in order to recall the data. I think that is why I was better in my math and programming courses. I didn’t really have to “memorize” large amounts of information… I just had to remember how to apply it.

So I think if I were blind, I would have a very hard time remembering things and might have very little memory. The only exception is music tunes. I can remember music tunes if I hear it enough, but I cannot remember the lyrics unless I hear it enough AND visualize some of the text & what the setting looks like in my mind. Weird huh? Or not so?

So how do you recall information from your memory?
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