Overcoming Loss in Life

Whether it’s friendship, a long lost love, a death, a job, freedom, even physical ability, and infinite of things, there is so many things in life that some of us lose.  The loss can make a significant and often devastating effect one’s life, perspective in life, people or even significant change in personality.   How do we deal with the loss?  Will we ever get over it?

Loss of Friendship

Maybe one of the most common losses in life that people get in a life time.  Whether it is conflict of interest, jealousy, misunderstanding, betrayal, deception, character changes, non-mutual more-than-friendship-feeling or just simply growing apart and losing touch.  Losing a friend in a way that never had to happen is always a tragedy and deceptive kind of friendships were never real friendships to begin with.   Time, hobbies and other friendships with others who I can better trust, has been my way of coping with friendship loss.  Being surrounded by those who are nothing less than a friend.

Love Lost

The most notorious and maybe one of the most damaging kind of loss.  A heart completely broken or a missed opportunity of what could have been.  I’ve heard many stories of love lost that I wrote a little about in my other entries.  One might never get over their 1st love but they can find another kind of love, (I’ve seen it many times), not necessarily the same love, but something also wonderful.

Losing over Death
Something many have experienced at least once in their life time.  I have experienced death in family, friend, a pet, and acquaintances a few times through out life, but at that point was not close enough to know what it’s like to lose someone so close.  I was close to some of them at one point in my life but over time due to long distance or losing touch, so I haven’t fully understood the full impact.  Or perhaps I become neutral as a way of dealing.   I’ve never been to a funeral or wake, and thinking about going to one causes feelings of turmoil, but eventually we all have to face it.

A friend loss 3 relatives in the past 2 months and I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like.  But I know that time and trying to move forward in life is the best way to overcome.

Job Loss
I’ve been there.  Losing a job is very devastating.  We depend on money to survive in this world, and when that is cut off we don’t know where our future stands.  It’s very devastating and not easy. After a long time of trying to job hunt, flipping through jobs that pays close to minimum wage, going to the DOL office seminars, business networks, having dead end “potential” business partners or gigs, we start to think that there’s something wrong with us or feel a bit insignificant, often useless to society.  But we must keep going, keep applying to other places, networking, etc, toss out the “I’m not going to do anything because they don’t want to hire me.” and not give up.

Loss of Freedom
Whether it’s jail, strict parents, a dead end job needed to make ends meet, or simply a situation like an illness or financial situation that restricts ones freedom to do what we wish.  This loss is devastating and often the situation that runs ones own decisions instead being able to make decisions based on true desires. Sometimes the freedom to help others, (family, charity, etc) is the goal but not possible.  Our only choice to gain back that freedom, at that point, is a matter of time, taking a stand or working towards the goal of a better situation.

Loss of Physical Ability

Having an injury or illness that impairs you from being to do everything you used to be able to do or limits your ability to use your full potential is an extremely tough situation could make anyone feel like they’ve been robbed in life of freedom and independence.  I know from experience the struggles and frustration.  Eventually one tends to feel useless when unable to do as much and often hopeless when recovery is a slow process.  It takes time and for some maybe they don’t have that option to fully recover (loss of limb, etc), but the important thing is acceptance and hope with dealing with what remains and determination to get better.

A great loss of anything, whether a  friendship, a long lost love, a death, a job, freedom, even physical ability of what you is often life shattering.  Maybe deep down we’ll never entirely get over what the loss and the feeling of devastation but it’s not necessarily a bad thing because it becomes a part of us and creates who we are.  It makes us stronger and when we overcome these challenges we know we can handle others.  We also need to accept that events that occur and try to move forward.  It’s important not to give up on life and living to your full potential.  Be patient.  Focus on life, be surrounded by love, work on a passion, and time will heal.
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