Girls Expectations and Demands – (Part 2 – “Good Behavior”)

…Continued from: Part 1 – Career Aspirations

As the saying goes: “Well-Behaved women seldom make history.”  I did grow up in a strict Asian cultural setting.  Luckily, my particular culture does NOT promote killing their own daughters for dishonoring.   Have you seen YouTube’s Sh*t Asian Dad’s Says?  As humorous and ridiculous as the video, it is not far from the truth.  Yes, I wasn’t allowed to date until I finished college, hanging out with guys before finishing school was frowned upon, and no, we weren’t allowed to attend school dances (aka party/dancing). The list goes on.  The whole thing usually revolves around the fear that daughters will drop out, run away with a guy, getting raped or pregnant, thus ruining our lives and dishonoring the family lineage. Read more

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Girls Expectations and Demands – (Part 1 – Career Aspirations)

Women have not been created equal. Some cultures, girls are still not allowed to hang out or interact with boys, but even if you haven’t grown up in such culture, there are still demands in behavioral, career, weight, etc, expectations placed on girls growing up and women of today.  Unfortunately, many women end up taking on these roles because it’s the only way they were taught or the only choice that they feel they have.  In extreme cases, some take their own lives, or like last post, because a daughter didn’t live up to female standards, Father Kills Daughter in order to “restore honor” back to the family. Read more

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Honor Death – Father Kills His Daughter

This Honor Death episode was about a Noor Almaleki who converted from Muslim to Christianity and became “too Americanized” which disappointed her family.  She ran away, knowing they would kill her, but was ultimately hunted down and murdered by her own father.   Being Asian myself, I can relate being shunned by some Asian communities, so it was shocking that a lot of people in their  U.S. community never heard of this “Honor killing” including the juries of this case who did not label it as that.  It was as if just people didn’t know what it was and never heard of it, that it was silly made up thing to prosecute and doesn’t exist. But if you study world cultures, the reality is it does exists and also happens several places in the world including Europe, and I knew that since I was a kid.   Warning: this blog is a spoiler, so watch this episode first if you’d like. Read more

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Trying Too Hard To Impress.. Crush

In extension of last post, Trying Too Hard To Impress which focused more on people/academics, etc, there’s also a concern on trying too hard to impress a crush. I have witnessed it too many times and experienced it myself too many times.  Here’s a few more stories and reasons why you should be yourself and try not to impress your crush or love interest. Read more

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Restaurant & Event Reviews – For Your Ventures In Life

If you haven’t noticed, I started Restaurant & Event reviews section to help you on your ventures in life. From All You Can Eat Japanese Restaurants raw sushi reviews and Vegan/Vegetarian options to Karaoke and Band entertainment.   Check it out.

The category links are found on the main review page and bottom of the reviews.  You can also always return to the page with the new link on the left.  Let me know what you think, and please share your experiences with these places.

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Unwanted and Not Welcomed

One of the hardest things in life to experience is the feeling of being unwanted or not welcomed by the presence of others.  It can happen in the midst of making friends, building relationships (or being in one), and finding acceptance. It can happen out of emotions like prejudice, competition, jealousy, or simply being under appreciated, or recognized. Generally, no one likes the feeling of being unwanted. But unfortunately in the past year I have more than ever experienced the situation of being unwanted and unwelcome by others, and it has been pretty painful and difficult to cope with. Read more

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Surviving the U.S. – “The American Dream”

The media seems to over fantasize the definition of “The American Dream” into glitz and glamour that doesn’t necessarily always play out to the reality that exists in the United States.  There seems to be this misconception that as soon as someone from a “3rd world country” hits the states, they’ll hit jackpot. Many don’t realize the reality is that poverty, prostitution, and slavery still exists in the United States.  Educated people sometimes fall downhill despite hard work. But the hard hard life publicized in “3rd world countries”  are things the media don’t often tell you that exists also in the U.S.  So is there such thing as freedom and the “The American Dream?” Read more

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction On Valentine’s Day

I’m terrified of the dentist. I also wanted to keep all my wisdom teeth (the more teeth the more to chew with), but it ended up being an inconvenience to clean and maintain, that I decided to remove another wisdom tooth on Valentine’s Day, but this time WIDE AWAKE. Read more

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Don’t End Up In a Body Bag

Don’t end up in a body bag this Valentine’s Day or ever. Sometimes I trust people too much not suspecting that they’re harmless at all and assuming that they just want to be friends. There were a lot of close calls when I probably could’ve been really hurt. Read more

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Designated Boyfriend

I remember a few years ago, a friend of mine told me that he had a lot of female friends and some would request that he be the designated boyfriend to protect them from guys trying to pick them up. I thought, that is such a great idea, so very chivalrous of him, and certainly is very useful when one is in need of someone to save you from awkward or creepy moments. Read more

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