Dolci (Chocolate Bar) – New Haven, CT (Closed)

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Dolci dessert martinis with candy garnishes
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Dolci is a chocolate bar that had a chocolate menu, dessert martinis with candy garnishes, fancy cheese, meals (burgers, fancy pizzas aka pizzettas, shrimp wraps), desserts, and more.

Location: 932 State Street New Haven, CT 06492

Price: $$$

I first learned of Dolci after digging around and researching for hours for a cool place to chill. Hearing that the place was a Chocolate Bar, it made me want to check it out more. A radio station, was also selling 50% coupons to get $50 worth of food and drinks for only $25, which was awesome. It became my favorite places to hang and they always allowed me to reserve the lounge for free. It’s a shame that it has shut down since then. It was located in a rugged part of New Haven, away from downtown

Atmosphere: Upscale and trendy looking, with lounge in the back, tables, which included silver/titanium trendy looking seats. and a bar. Started off with very nice soft ambient music, and later at night, hip hop, club type music. Sometimes empty, sometimes crowded.

Food: Expensive but sooo delicious. The coupon helped ease it. The few times I went, I ordered different things and tried other people’s stuff as well. The chicken burger and fries were great, the shrimp wrap was absolutely delicious, as well as , the molten cake, warm with oozing chocolate in the middle was soo good and also the shrimp pizza.

I’m not too big on strong cheeses, but they had that.

Dolci cold cream caramel dessert

Dolci chocolate molten cake

Dolci shrimp pizzetta (pizza)

Drinks: Dessert martini’s was one of my favorite things to order. They usually decorated the top with fruit syrup or chocolate syrup designs and it came with candy garnishes like gummy bears and rock candy! My friend ordered PB&J (Yes, Peanut Butter and Jelly), I’ve tried Godiva Chocolate ones and a few others. There were individual chocolates as well, and they put effort to

I don’t like vodka but the drinks were sweet and chocolaty that it tasted more like candy than alcohol.

They had a wine closet “cellar” and behind the bar was stacked with wines for fancy display. I tried a few and they were good but also pricey.

Service: Most of the time I went, the service was excellent. Unfortunately, there was one time where they were understaffed because someone was sick, so some of my friends weren’t too happy with waiting an hour for soda and there was an error on the receipt, so you probably heard some complaints. But humans make the mistake and the owner was very nice enough to address the issue personally, apologizing and gave a large discount off our bill. So I rate a 4, just to be fair, otherwise I’d give a 5.

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