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Unique coffee place, with FREE wifi and a nightlife with independent artists Jamming on weekends. There's a cute javapalooza mascot that walks around as well.

Location: 330 Main Street  Middletown, CT 06457
Price: $$

Atmosphere:  Javapalooza is a unique coffee shop with “antique” musician artists (and legend) posters plastered all over the wall.  Has a very indie art look with bright colored walls as well. Comfy couches int he back and a view of downtown Middletown at the glass walls.

Food:  The Nutella crepes were phenomenal (shown in pic). I never had nutella crepes before.  The berries along with the berry sauce and nutella in it and strawberries topped on the crepes was very delicious, and not too sweet like you would think from sweet jams.  The fruit tasted pretty fresh or frozen.

Drinks:  There are specialty beers they have that I haven’t tried. If you do, let me know what you think.  Their red wine I did try and it was very good.

As for non-alcoholic drinks like coffees. If you have a ANY lactose intolerance, this place is NOT for you.  I tried 3 different things different days, including hot chocolate WITHOUT milk and got very ill each time.  My former co-workers who get coffee there everyday have no issues because they are not lactose intolerant.  I have a partial lactose intolerance where I can eat solid dairy (ice cream, whipped cream, non-fat yogurt and cheese), but not liquid diary, and normally have mocha or latte drinks with skim milk and I’m fine. But I officially cannot risk drink anything made their because I assume the same equipment has stuff left over from previous batch that made me sick.  The other was a mocha type drink and a latte with skim milk that I drank that I got ill all day.   They have bottled teas and drinks (not made from them) that I am able to have.

Nightlife:  There are indie bands (with donation jars), that play at night on weekends.  The bands are pretty good. There are a moderate and intimate crowd that comes (probably some Wesleyan students) with an indie artsy look.  It does close early (nothing crazy until 2am).  There’s a cute large mascot, which I heard is the owner’s son in the costume, of a large coffee java cup with address and promo of live music.

Nightlife at Javapalooza Middletown, CT

Javapalooza Java coffee mascot

Service:  Excellent. Nice people. There aren’t waiters, but if you order meals and sit down and wait, they have been really nice to bring it to the table if they remember who ordered what. I look distinct so luckily they remember me.  Other than that, you would pick them up at the table like a regular coffee shop.  You place plates in the bin, but if there are staff around, they are kind enough to ask if you if they could clear your area and take your plate.

Price:  It is a big pricey, on the higher price scale for a coffee shop, but many things are made there (or bakery from independent bakers) and there are eats less than $10

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