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Panera Bread - Soup in Bread Bowl
Panera Bread is one of my favorite coffee shops that started off small and a few local areas here and there, and now is booming. They were the 1st around with free wifi. Yes, Panera Bread a chain now, but each Panera Bread has its difference in food taste and atmosphere, so I'm reviewing each location separately as I visit each one. Reviews below will be short and sweet because you'll get the drift. I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but there are many options for vegetarians because there are tons of bread, cheese and dairy. However for vegans, there aren't too many. Bagels are good, black bean soup and various breads without anything in it. If you ask for a smoothie without dairy, they'll make it for you.

Location: 1201 Boston Post Rd Milford, CT 06460

Price: $$

Atmosphere: Milford Panera Bread is located inside the big Milford Mall, this Panera Bread is medium sized and medium crowd. Single couches in various areas and a stylish patio outside (with umbrellas).

There was this guy studying there once who seemed frustrated that people were talking, so he moved on the other end of the restaurant. The place is long enough to isolate yourself away from people near semi-isolated walls. There are plenty of glass walls so you can stare at people outside and inside as they enter the Milford mall.

Food: Great. I had some pastries that were very delicious and my friends had some soup (with a bread bowl) which they said was very delicious. I found it fascinating that the bowl was made out of bread, and they didn’t let the inside of the bread that was carved out go to waste. They put that aside for customers so they can dip in the soup and eat the rest.

Check out the rest of the reviews, and like My Goal in Life is to Hit Every Panera Bread in the World Sometimes we will meet, (I’ll post events when we get enough likes).

In addition, I signed up for the free MyPanera card (which is like a shopping card) and keep getting free food and drinks!  I’ve had several beverages, bagels and pastries for free without minimal purchases, just random.  You do get a gift for your birthday each year.

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