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Pho Viet Huong serves tasty authentic Vietnamese food including the famous Pho (noodle soup) along with large menu variety of dishes, Vietnamese desserts and shakes. Online ordering, take out and delivery is also available.

Price: $
Location:  73 Mulberry St.  (Chinatown near Canal St)  New York, NY 10013

I found Pho Viet Huong in a New York City travel guide back in 2007 and it became my favorite and most affordable Vietnamese restaurant I have ever eaten at (and I’ve eaten at plenty).   The first time I went with my friend, we were greeted by a very friendly smiling elder Vietnamese waiter who paid much attention to us.  We ordered, 2 large noodle soup (Pho Bo I think xe lua and Shrimp & Seafood Clear Noodles),  2 shakes (durian and papaya) and 2 desserts (bean, coconut and Asian Jello, and tropical ice cream), only totaling $18 between the both of us ($9 each).  Back then, a large bowl of Pho was only $4.

Beef Pho Bo (Xe Lua) and Shrimp & Seafood Clear Noodles at Pho Viet Huong

Food:  The broths for both dishes, along with the fruity shakes and desserts were so perfect and so flavorful. We were so full, satisfied and happy that I gave a generous over 50% tip.

For those who don’t know what Durian shake is, and have a tolerance to strong foreign fruity things, try it!  Yes it does smell a little but not as bad as the raw fruit itself because the shakes are filled with non-dairy creamer and such.

Coconut and bean dessert with Asian Jello at Pho Viet Huong Vietnamese restaurant

The 2nd time I went with friends around 2008, I was equally content.  The place wasn’t too crowded again either. We ordered beef dishes, egg rolls, and tons of dishes. Our bill was cheap again and everything was so tasty.

The 3rd time I went, business seemed booming, but the same elder guy was not there anymore and the prices for dishes had gone up a dollar or two (but still cheap!!) so I ordered a beef Pho with less meat in it, which was about $5-$6. It was New Years Eve, very crowded and busy, that the waiters could not keep up.

The food was still delicious and the Durian shake was still kicking.

Service: We did have to wait a long time before the waiter took our order and serve the dishes, but that was understandable as it was holiday and rush hour so I don’t blame them.  I felt bad that they looked seemed pretty stressed out as the large line kept growing and growing, but they kept cool throughout the whole time.  If you call them, they will come.

They now have a website where you can check out their menu.  If you’re vegan or vegetarian, they have a few options but I’m sure you can order dishes without meat. Asians don’t normally use butter in cooking.

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