Saint’s Alp Teahouse – New York, NY (NYC)

Asian Bubble Tea, Teas, Asian Specialty Coffee
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Full menu dedicated to large variety of bubble teas, special teas, and special Asian coffee with yummy floating Asian jello (plant based, not gelatin). For those who don't know what Bubble Tea is, it's like an Asian smoothie or drink that has tapioca aka "pearls" on the bottom. Tapioca is from a plant.

Location: 39 3rd Ave (between 9th & 10th st & between Great Jones St & Bowery) New York, NY 10003
Price: $

Atmosphere: Very cool nice and Asian forest hut feel. Everything looks like it’s made of brown coconut shells or wood coated with shine like those ancient Asian movies.

Saint's Alps Teahouse Bamboo Menu

Saint's Alp Teahouse atmosphere

Saint's Alps Teahouse seating area

Drinks:  They said some of their Bubble Teas do NOT have milk or dairy in it so if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, this place is awesome for you.  They use non-dairy creamer instead.  They have coconut milk and almond milk and non-dairy milk options and you can probably substitute for non-dairy milk.

Saint's Alps Teahouse bubble tea and fruit drink

I tried several ones including the Choco Mint Delight Bubble Tea, Taro Bubble Tea.  The Asian coffee is amazing. Some of them have Asian jello floating around, which is made of agar agar, which is plant based (not gelatin).  There’s tons of tea options with asian jello in it too.

Saint's Alp Teahouse  Choco Mint Delight Bubble Tea

Food:  They serve various interesting and unique Asian food and desserts here, but I don’t think I have tried it.  If I do, I’ll update this.  Please comment below and let me know what you tried.

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