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Serves a minified menu of Japanese food for All You Can Eat Sushi (ordered, not buffet) or a choice for regular dining with a full Japanese menu.

Location: 397 Cromwell Avenue # 13  Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Price: $$

Atmosphere: A nice decorated place with an Asian feel.  There is a section in the back so you can remove your shoes, sit and eat Japanese style

Food: The Sushi is average (with the lower quality Japanese rice), but the raw fish is decent and food is really good.

I recommend the spicy and special maki rolls because it tastes more flavorful with other things in it and you get your money’s worth on the all-you-can-eat, considering special rolls on the menu are normally about $10 each. Order a few.  The non-spicy regular rolls are plain.

I got various sushi, salmon skin, spicy salmon, spicy tuna, pink lady roll, winter roll, yummy roll which was decent.  It’s not the regular quality Japanese rice and because of that, I’m only able to eat a few before the tart of the rice gets to me.

But the miso soup, udon noodle soup and seaweed salad is excellent.  Other people really liked the non-sushi food as well.


The dessert: green tea ice cream is really good.  The tempura fried banana is ok.

Sushi House red bean ice cream  Sushi House Fried Banana

For about $20, it’s all you can eat. Order all you want.

Service:  I went about 3 times and we went on a non-busy time.  They are friendly and nice but for the all you can eat/order, there is a long wait (20-30) minutes before the food is served.  It seems the priority goes to those who are just dining in because we noticed we get served after the people who came after us who didn’t do all you can eat.  It gave us an impression that it was to prevent us from ordering a lot, which actually worked, because we didn’t have all the time in the world to wait, but I’m not sure what the actual case is.

Because of the long wait, you’re better off

Between 2-3 of us with a bill totaling $40-$60, we ended up paying less than what we would’ve paid, eating regular.

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