Society That Loves To Hate

It seems like we live in a society that loves to hate.  No matter how much love we are taught, earlier on in life as a child, we know what “hate” is and what it feels like to hate.

A classic example is, Mom says “Finish your broccoli.”  The kid says “Mom, I hate broccoli!”  Or when we’re in our teens, and we start judging each others’ taste in clothes, or choice of friends we hang out with.  “Oh my, look at what they’re wearing and who they’re hanging out with!”  As adults, we might dislike towards the way a particular individual, behaves, appears or speaks, (e.g. celebrity, political figure, business representative).  I used to know someone, who at the time, didn’t like popular people, jocks, people with “too much” friends, too much money, has too much attention, people in sororities/fraternities, those who are too “perfect,” cultural centers, etc.  So what is there left to love??

It doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to directly send a message of hate  “Hey let’s hate on so and so” or “Die!!!”, but essentially, many of the negative things we do or say, are indirectly sending messages of hate.  The question is, why are we in a society that loves to hate?  Why do we hate?  Why do we love to gossip about the things we hate?  Hate is what fuels the media and influence society.  Where there’s a well-known person, there’s always an opinion, possibly a controversy, those who like and those who hate; it’s inevitable.

Not trying to get into politics, but Obama is a good example.  Obama is one of the most controversial figure today.  For those who are happy that he became president, chances are, they are overall satisfied with this efforts during his term.  So they may target hate towards someone else (like maybe Palin).  Those who are politically infused and not happy with Obama, are likely to criticize Obama’s every actions.. very likely making it a lose lose situation no matter what he does; everything he does will be picked apart in discontent.  There was even full news coverage about many people not happy with the way he dressed when he checked out the BP oil spill and another news clip about people being angry that his facial expressions didn’t look like he was sympathetic enough to the situation.  I’m not going to comment on his attire or emotional appearance, but it seems like there’s so much hate towards every detail about Obama, that haters sometimes forget what the important issue is, and lose focus on figuring out solutions to the real problem.

Another example is, imagine posting up a picture of someone on the internet, for everyone to see and comment.  Everyone who comments is going to judge based on appearance, reputation or impulse whether they know this person or not.  Chances are, someone is going to post a hate comment, such as making fun of appearance, calling things that suggest wild promiscuity, or anything not-so-flattering against the individual.  It is comparable to the person I know who didn’t like many things about other people, even before knowing anything about them.  But is it really necessary to hate them?

The more extreme examples are hate groups.  They exist all over the world.. and though for the rest of us who do harmless hating; some of us are spreading messages to those who do act upon the hate in hate groups.  Westboro Bapist Church being a prime example of racism and discrimination, notorious for saying that God hates other races, religions, troops, and even Lady Gaga.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t hate ever.  Hate is a natural human emotion.  Yes we have the right to feel hate and to express it.  It can drive us to do great things.  (Like, I hate it when people text and drive, drink and drive, so I try to persuade people not to).   Hate is a strong word.  Usually, I use a less stronger word like “dislike,” or “don’t appreciate.”  But to be honest, I do hate it when people do it.

My point is, after awhile of being exposed to the media, social networking, the news and everything that everyone hates. I don’t know about you, but I’m overwhelmed.  All this negativity, hate and anger, naturally doesn’t put anyone’s mind at ease or peace, but in a state of turmoil.  Maybe I’m a little less desensitized than average towards a hate-environment, but it leaves me wondering:  Why do people spend so much of life’s precious time and energy actively hating?  Why do people love to hate so much?  We live in a society that loves to hate.

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