Valentine’s Day Next Month

Valentine’s Day is next month, so in honor of this day of love, I will try to focus on topics of love, relationships, and friendships; experiences, lessons learned, and advice, over the next few weeks and also recap on some old posts. Yes, time to get really cheesy. A lot of people always wonder about my “love life”, and why I rarely or never talk about it. Check out relationships tag for related posts and relationships/friendships advice as well.

One of the blog posts I wrote in the past that you might find interesting, is “I Would Sacrifice My Happiness For You” where I’d secretly “Give Up Love” surrendering or giving up my chances on someone of interest if a friend become interested in them as well. I would also encourage them and give them opportunity to get to know each other, because I want my friends to be happy, especially if they have been looking for so long. Those are some of my “sacrifices.”

Anyways, I hope you find some things interesting and useful.  If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to post a comment anonymously and I will try to answer everyone if I am not swamped.

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