When You’re Told To Go Back To “Your” Country – Trump’s Immigrations Crackdown

Not to be overly “political, ” but here’s updated back-post I decided to share, in reference to this short clip:

The Missing- The Consequences of Trump’s Immigration Crackdown:

Heartbreaking. Friends, family, neighbors that contribute a lot to communities, who are NOT [druggie, violent, etc] criminals are being deported thanks to Trump Supporters [some, who support this]. I grew up with that same fear & xenophobia towards me.

In middle school, A classmate stood up in middle of Art class lecturing about “the Chinese”.. (I was the only Asian in class). “WHY do CHINESE restaurants & nails salons keep popping up everywhere?! They’re invading our land & taking OUR jobs. They should all go back WHERE THEY CAME FROM!

Luckily my Art teacher stood up for me and said “Well, if everyone came back to where they came from, the only ones left would be the Native Americans!” The boy went silent and sat down.

This was one of many incidents.. I was constantly bullied by this boy & a bunch of girls who ganged up on me, for looking different, wearing different clothes & being poor. They even criticized the way I sat, ordering me to sit like a “lady” by crossing my legs. People harassed me from childhood into adulthood.

They do not understand their privilege & luckiness in life. They will never experience the YEARS of suffering that THEY forced upon me.. and never the suffering of WAR forced on my family.. the torture in concentration camps, and DEATHS, that led them to flee for their lives. They rather me DEAD (and yes I’ve been told to go kill myself plenty of times).

I feel sad for this country. We are humans just trying survive. But I have suffered enough for decades, can’t we just all get along, and let each other live? I’m not saying, to sacrifice ourselves to the point we can’t save others.. We need to fix the U.S. before we can truly help others. But doesn’t mean kick out those “foreigners” who have ended up helping us in return.. just because our blood is different.. just because you fear those who don’t look like you…

For the record, my family is U.S. citizens and I was fortunate to grow up without being in the war, but I can’t compare the “war” and battles we have to face here. Though I have not seen that much blood as the war, my heart “bleeds” inside.

Updated Note:  This year (2019) my father faced what seemed to many discrimination and profiling… The DMV denied his driver’s license renewal to a RealID stating that apparently his birth certificate was “too old” and therefore it cannot prove he is really U.S. Citizen… So he was told to wait a month for Immigrations, ICE, to call and to talk , aka interrogated.

FYI, his birth certificate was actually made in 1975 or later because he came here w/nothing and the records were destroyed in his country during the war.  He also had his existing legit license, social security card, and naturalization documents.  They accepted my mom’s which was made at the same time,  and I’m sure sibling’s which was only made 3 years later.

To say it’s too old means anyone over 40 can’t prove and has to be interrogated by ICE, which I doubt is happening. The only theory I could think of is that he is much darker skinned than my mom. :(  I was scattering to find my documents because if he as a U.S. Citizen can be denied, then I could be too..  Turns out thousands of U.S. born citizens were mistakenly deported..

There are unfortunately other stories of experiences I’ve gone through where I was interrogated that perhaps I’ll explain in other posts.

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