Nothing Says I Love You Like a Cubic Zirconia Gold Plated Engagement Ring

The other week, I had came across jewelry sold at an auction site, which was a cubic zirconia gold plated engagement ring for $16. I’d put a link to one but I don’t want to single out any item.  You can search for yourself, gold plated engagement ring on a shopping site that sells rings, and you’ll get several results. I didn’t realize that such an engagement ring existed and I wonder if anyone uses these kinds of ring as a gift for engagement.

I’ll say that these engagement rings do look gorgeous but just like any faux gold plated jewelry, it will age, fade and look unappealing wearable like rust… at least from my experience. Some of the types of jewelry I wore in my lifetime were white gold plated jewelry, gold plated jewelry, costume jewelry, regular jewelry that’s not plated or anything, and also real sterling silver, and gold. Anything plated that I had would chip, fade and usually result to the color of rust, much like regular inexpensive faux jewelry you can get off a rack.

So for an engagement ring, I don’t recommend a plated jewelry at all unless the jeweler can prove that it will age gracefully, otherwise, it probably won’t even last to your wedding date.  The husband or bride to-be who chooses to wear a ring would probably like something that they could wear a long time for memories sake. There are also plenty of real non-fading inexpensive alternatives to faux and plated jewelry without much sacrifice. I have a stunning sterling silver ring that women AND men often compliment on that only cost $10. I’ve worn it for over 3-4 years and it hasn’t fade.  Look for the .925 engraving on the inside of the band, which marks true sterling silver.

Also a medical reason why it’s probably better to avoid plated or faux jewelry as an engagement is, it is unfortunate for some of us who are allergic to faux jewelry, some with nickel, or just any that is not real.  They might not have a reaction initially, but definitely after some chipping and fading, exposing the material underneath, if they are allergic to it. Often times this happens within a few months or even a few weeks.

I know that it’s really the thought that counts and that an engagement ring is really not THE representation of your love for someone.  Here’s a good example of what sounds like true love:

If I recall the story correctly, once upon a time, ages ago, around the time of The Great Depression occurred, there was a man, not wealthy, who bought a box of beloved Cracker Jack and found a ring as the prize in the box.  He used that ring to propose to someone he loved, and that someone, said Yes.  

I thought that was one of the greatest stories ever.  Something so simple as a cracker jack ring.  Things like these are something meaningful and memorable and definitely beats a gold plated cubic zirconia engagement ring purchased online.  Although a free cracker jack ring and a box of cracker jack is cheaper than the $16 bucks you would spend online or in a jewelry store, the price tag doesn’t measure its value.

Regardless of what you’re getting for your husband or bride to-be…  wishing everyone a long happy relationship!

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