Why Does This Lotion Cost More Than My Whole Wardrobe?

Running out of face wash, face lotion, and face wash, that I normally get at a discount store, and eager to score a ton of free samples, free shipping, $10 off + 3% savings, I was curious to see how high a basic product like face lotion would go for.  I would have guessed $65, $75 or $100 max, but was shocked to see one for much more.

I decided to go on Sephora, click on the Moisturizer section, and sort by Highest to Lowest Price and discovered a whopping $380 on a 1.7 oz little jar of lotion.  Yikes.  http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P226102&categoryId=S15115&shouldPaginate=true

$380 is probably more than the cost of my whole wardrobe.  I would say that $380 is probably what I spend in a decade on clothes or around that.  I’m not exaggerating.. I wore shoes that lasted at least 7 years and clothes I still have from high school or even middle school.  It took me almost to my adult years at the age of 18ish to get rid of the hand me down clothes I wore in elementary school.   Why?  I wore loose clothing as a kid, I didn’t grow that tall, and I don’t like spending money on things I already have and still can use which is probably why I managed to survived on my own as a semi-broke post college graduate in one of the most expensive areas of the country.  Eh, for you environmentalists.. you can call me somewhat eco-friendly.  And for you designer-only shoppers… almost all of my cheap clothes did not rip/fall apart as the misconception goes, so don’t be afraid to save money on the non-designer items during tough times.

Rarely do I spend much on stuff on skin care, but my skin is dry and long deprived… and also prone to break outs.   (I’m also allergic to many products that have certain ingredients in it, so I want the “best” without the mess).  I have to say, these stores have an excellent strategy that get customers want to buy.  A ton of free samples, free shipping.. IF I spend only a few bucks more, plus a discount for being a customer of affiliated partnerships.  The only problem is that I came to the site for only one thing that’s already 4x more expensive than the average that you get in a regular store, and I’m suddenly tempted to load up my shopping cart just to get those free samples, free shipping and a discount.. because I don’t feel like throwing away money on shipping and it makes me feel like I’m getting a good deal.  Wow.

As of this paragraph, this entry is a few days old since I started to write this entry and I decided to switch sites, 3 items, spend minimum $25, get 2 free small samples, a free $25 gift certificate, 5% back to pay my student loan and 5% in store credit for my next purchase in January.  Bummer, a start and end date.. we’ll see about that.

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